Bali In October 2023: Things To Do, Weather & Temperature

What are the best things to do in Bali in October? What is the weather like in Bali in October? What are some tips for traveling to Bali in October?

Bali is a great place to travel all year round, but each season has its benefits and downsides.

Bali has a warm, tropical temperature all year round while being officially below the equator in the southern hemisphere, which also means it doesn’t suffer the same shifting of the seasons as you would see in some other places.

October is a great month to visit Bali.

The location offers plenty of sunshine, a little wind, warm water, and a few raindrops this month because the main rainy season hasn’t yet begun.

One of the most ideal months to visit Bali is undoubtedly around October.

Since October is the last month of Bali’s peak season, airfare and lodging costs are lower than they are during the summer.

Visitors to Bali in October are greeted with a variety of events and activities, making this month worthwhile to visit during this time of year.

Therefore, if you intend to visit Bali in October, get ready to enjoy all that the island has to offer since there will be a wide variety of experiences just waiting for you to discover.

Also, keep in mind that this month is the greatest for hiking in Bali and surfing, so if you’re planning on engaging in any of those sports, the weather will be on your side! 

Get to know Bali

Bali is a tiny island located in Southeast Asia between the Indian and Pacific oceans, and Java to the west and Lombok to the east are Bali’s closest neighbors.

This stunning island in the Indonesian archipelago captivates with its colorful personality and exotic allure.

With a location of breathtaking natural beauty and hospitable people who are proud of their ancient culture, spirituality, and traditions, this place is appropriately titled the Island of the Gods.

Traveling to Bali gives you the chance to see a place with an extraordinarily diversified terrain, culture, and history that coexist together with gorgeous beaches, tropical forests, fine dining establishments, and opulent spa retreats.

In general, Bali is the most well-known and often visited tourist destination, and there are a variety of explanations for this.

No matter what time of year you come, there are a ton of amazing things to see and do on this island, so anywhere you go in Bali, you will undoubtedly be left with lovely memories.

So, keep reading to learn more about some of the best attractions and things to do in Bali! 

Places to visit and things to do in Bali in October

One of Southeast Asia’s most well-liked vacation spots, Bali, is a perfect location for anyone looking for a fun and stress-relieving getaway.

There are many things to do and many locations to see in Bali in October because the island is bursting with excitement and adventure.

So, keep reading to learn more about them.

Best places to visit and things to do in Bali in October: 


Since it’s the dry season and there are clear views and non-slippery paths, October is an excellent month to walk in Bali.

There are several incredible paths that you can trek on in Bali in October, home to mountains, lush woods, and thick jungle trails.

The Mount Batur trip is one of the most well-liked hikes, and the Kintamani Mount Batur hike is among the most well-liked and fun dawn trekking experiences you may have in Indonesia.

The reason Mount Batur dawn hiking is so well-liked is that you may enjoy breathtaking morning views from the mountain’s summit, which is typically surrounded by an ocean of orange clouds.

There are also hiking paths in West Bali National Park and Mount Agung. 


One of the top sites to visit in Bali in October is the landmark temple Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, often known as the Bali temple by the foreign visitors that frequent this destination.

Due to the rising mists that give it the appearance of floating on water, the magnificent temple, which is a blend of Hindu and Buddhist architecture, is sometimes referred to as the Bali Temple on Water or the Bali Temple on Lake.

A little wind that occasionally blows over the serene, nearly completely calm lake that surrounds this temple causes a few small ripples on the water’s surface, which makes this place so beautiful to see at any time of the year. 


Locals frequently cite this spot as one of the most important historical landmarks and tourist attractions on the island’s easternmost coast.

In the town of Seraya in the Karangasem regency lies Taman Ujung Water Palace, also known as Taman Ujung Soekasada, a former palace of the Karangasem kingdom.

If there are clear days in October, this stunning piece of architecture, which was formerly the residence of Bali’s kings, might be a top Bali tourist attraction.

The palace provides rooftop views of Mount Agung and is encircled by infinity pools. 


There are more than simply art galleries in the Agung Rai Museum of Art.

If you find yourself trapped indoors in Bali in October owing to sporadic rain, this museum might be a welcome surprise.

In addition to being a museum, this property also functions as a venue for different cultural performances, a boutique hotel, and a botanical garden.

Agung Rai’s collection of historical artifacts demonstrates his fine taste in local culture and passion for Bali.

The Agung Rai Museum of Art in Bali is well worth visiting in October since it immerses you in Bali’s cultural landscape and has a relaxing atmosphere. 


All art enthusiasts who visit Bali must stop by this site, which is perched above the Campuhan Valley.

The area used to be the home and workshop of renowned Filipino painter Don Antonio Blanco, who immigrated there and lived and painted the stunning Bali islands.

The artwork is a wonderful way to see Bali’s breathtaking surroundings through the eyes of a very gifted artist.

The location offers a gift shop, a beautiful garden area, and a fantastic cafe where you can relax with friends. 


No matter what time of year you visit Bali, this location is a must-see.

The picturesque highlands of the Batukaru mountain ranges stand in sharp contrast to the Jatiluwih rice terraces.

The West Bali highland village’s Jatiluwih rice terraces are most well-known for their extraordinary and genuinely intriguing scenery.

October is the greatest month to travel to Bali if you want to take in the romance of nature since the tropical greenery is never more beautiful than when the occasional October rain starts to fall.


One of the top locations to visit in Bali in October is this indoor waterpark, which is the biggest in Indonesia.

The park offers exhilarating water rides, pumps, and many more.

This location is especially perfect for families visiting Bali because the Bali Fun World also has a ball pool, a perfect spot for your kids to swim in or float over the softballs.

You should be aware that youngsters must be six years old before they may enter the sea.

Don’t miss the chance to visit this park, which is regarded as one of Bali’s most alluring locations in October. 


Whether you are an experienced surfer eager to get barreled at one of Bali’s iconic locations or a beginner looking to attempt wave-riding during your first surf lesson, Bali should be on everyone’s bucket list.

In the dry season, when Bali has its largest swells, the west coast of the island and the Bukit peninsula are the locations to be.

Kuta and Seminyak offer calm beach breakers, whereas Canggu and Kuta Reefs deliver high-performance waves.

If you intend to go surfing in Bali, you should know that October is one of the greatest months to do it. 


Scuba diving is a great activity to do in Bali in October if you’re looking for fun things to do while your stay there.

The finest diving season is from May to November.

For those who enjoy scuba diving, this island is simply paradise since it offers so many opportunities to explore vibrant coral reefs, interact with fish, go cave diving, and more.

Menjangan Island, Amed, Manta Point, and Crystal Bay on Nusa Penida island are some of the greatest places to go scuba diving in Bali. 


Bali’s Sanur shoreline and the surrounding islands are known as Paradise on Earth. If you want a relaxing holiday away from Kuta and Seminyak in Bali, the Nusa Penida island trip is a must-do.

From the Sanur port, a speedboat will take you to this lovely island where you may explore and have a tour of the island in a private automobile.

When visiting Nusa Penida island in October, make sure to check out the most beautiful beaches that can be found there, such as Angel Billabong, Crystal Bay, Kelingking Beach, and White Sand Beach. 


The Kintamani volcano is the epitome of mother nature’s splendor.

This volcano will be a great place to visit on a cold morning in Bali in October because of the spectacular scenery, which is arguably the best way to start and finish your Bali holiday.

Spend some wonderful quality time with your loved ones at one of Bali’s opulent private pool villas if the rains ever ruin your plans.

Additionally, because October is the off-season, lodging costs would be astronomically low.

Best beaches to visit in Bali in October

Travelers are drawn to Bali’s popular beaches by its stunning scenery, crystal-clear waters, and variety of activities that can be found there.

You’ll be astounded by the rocky shorelines that are sheltered by enormous limestone cliffs, the lengthy palm-fringed coasts, and some of the more isolated bays.

Continue reading to find out which ones are the greatest and to learn more about them before you visit in October.

Best beaches to visit in Bali in October: 


A beach located distant from the popular Kuta Beach is called Sanur Beach.

Here, you might be able to see a stunning sunset on clear days, and offshore reefing is unquestionably a big lure.

Whether you’re seeking a quiet escape or a taste of the local culture, it is the most well-liked location to visit in Bali in October.

Sanur Beach offers the chance to spend around half an hour walking along the ocean floor while being supervised by knowledgeable instructors.

The average water temperature in Sanur Beach is around 28.7°C in October. 


Nusa Dua beach is the ideal location for a leisurely but exciting holiday.

You’ll come back again and again because there are so many hotels and restaurants around.

You may play a variety of beach activities on Nusa Dua Beach or just relax and spend a relaxing evening with your special someone.

Take a stroll down the beach at night to see the vibrant colors that the resorts behind have created by using their fluorescent lighting.

The average water temperature in Nusa Dua Beach is around 27.7°C in October.


Seminyak Beach, which is north of Legian Beach, is the place to go if you’re searching for an opulent Bali hideaway.

The picturesque beachfront of gold-to-black sand at Seminyak Beach is enhanced by breathtaking sunsets.

Rows of designer stores line the major avenues and side streets of the beach, which is a favorite with local ex-pats.

The greatest beachside resorts, hip eateries serving regional and foreign fare, and top-notch bars where you can party all night can all be found around this beach.

The average water temperature in Seminyak Beach is around 27°C in October. 


This beach on Bali’s southwest coast is one of the island’s most well-liked vacation spots.

Even more well-known than the island itself, it is famed for its blend of sun, sand, and surf.

Kuta beach is one of the best spots to go in Bali in October to have fun with your loved ones because of the mild morning swells.

And after sunset, it offers a fascinating atmosphere with friendly beach soccer matches, beach bars providing cool beverages and regional cuisine, and even fire dancers.

The average water temperature in Kuta Beach is around 27.4°C in October.


Some of the greatest beaches in all of Bali can be found in Uluwatu, located in the southern part of Bali.

Beautiful beaches, rocky limestone cliffs, world-class surf breaks, sunset perspectives, beach bars, healthful cafés, traditional temples, and more can be found there. Suluban Beach, Padang Padang Beach, Thomas Beach, Bingin Beach, Balangan Beach, Tegal Wangi Beach, Dreamland Beach, Melasti Beach, Sundays Beach, Karma Kandara Beach, and many more are among the most stunning beaches that can be found there.

The average water temperature on Uluwatu’s beaches is around 27.4°C in October.

Events in Bali in October

Cultural events may play a significant role in your vacation experience, and the Bali festivals and events that are held in October are some of the most vibrant.

Here are a few events that happen in October in Bali, so keep reading and find out something about them. Events in Bali in October:

Ubud Writers & Readers Festival

The Ubud Writers & Readers Festival takes place in Ubud, Bali’s cultural center.

Every year, readers, writers, singers, and chefs travel to Indonesia to attend the festival.

This festival happens in October and its events include seminars, lectures, screenings of movies, etc.

Tickets for the events of this festival may be purchased for either one day or all four days, but many events are presented for free.

Although most sessions are conducted in English, Indonesian, or both languages, translators are usually present, so If you plan on visiting, you don’t have to worry about not understanding anything.

Nusa Dua Fiesta

One of Bali’s greatest annual events is the Nusa Dua Fiesta, and this event typically begins with a parade and opening ceremony at Nusa Dua’s iconic peninsular region in October of each year.

The event includes athletic competitions, cultural performances, and art exhibits, and market vendors, food stalls, and a procession are all present.

The event includes live music performances by both domestic and foreign musicians, and some DJs are spinning the records in the meanwhile, so this event is a perfect place to go If you want to have some fun.

Makepung Buffalo Race

For Makepung Buffalo Race, locals engage in a unique chariot race using water buffalos as part of this unusual ritual, which has its origins in Bali’s agrarian way of life.

The competition is a source of pride and honor for the farmers, who frequently display the stock of the strong buffalos that are typically their companions in field-plow operations.

From the middle of July until the middle of November, this event takes place, and it is located around Jembrana, in West Bali.

Weather & Temperature in Bali in October

Bali is an island that experiences a tropical climate all year long with relatively high degrees and humidity levels.

While the dry season is the ideal time to go if you want to enjoy bright and dry weather, the island is a well-liked vacation spot all year round and offers plenty of things to do even in the wet season.

Despite being pleasant and comfortable all year round, Bali has two distinct seasons, rainy and dry, but not every day will be bright even if you travel in the dry and busy season.

Even though October is a month during the dry season, because it is at the end of that season, there are occasionally rainstorms in this month.

Despite usually occurring in the morning or early afternoon, the storms often pass quickly, leaving behind sunlight and a clear sky.

However, brief rains shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your vacation as long as you’re not very upset by them and you have a nice rain jacket with you.

In October, local rain falls more often during the day in Bali’s highlands.

Also, Bali’s highlands have cooler daytime air temperatures, and the heat will feel warmer the further away you are from the mountains.

The average daytime temperature in Bali’s highland regions is 27°C.

Meanwhile, the temperature in the air at night might drop as low as 17°C.

While there is less likelihood of local rain in October close to the lowlands of Bali, the temperature in lowlands like Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Jimbaran, Canggu, and Uluwatu Temple Pecatu is warmer during October, hitting 33°C throughout the day.

Tips for visiting Bali in October

The best memories of your life will be created while you are on the island of Bali, which is full of surprises.

And you need to be prepared and informed to enjoy a nice stay there.

So, here are some travel tips we’ve put up for you to be aware of before your trip to Bali in October.

Tips for visiting Bali in October:

What to wear in Bali in October

When going to Bali in October, you can choose to wear light clothes, because the temperature in October is still warm and not much different from that of the summer, however, certain adjustments still need to be performed.

How you should dress in Bali is heavily influenced by the occasion for which you are dressing.

So, for instance, you should bring some sports attire and shoes if you intend to participate in any adventurous activities.

For this sort of sport, athletic shorts and a shirt are appropriate, and trail running shoes would also be a great choice.

When going to the beaches, men can wear tanks, surf shorts, t-shirts, and sandals, while women can wear bikinis, loose cover-ups, or shorts with a tank top.

In case you didn’t know, tropical islands get a lot of rain, and if you go in October, even If officially it’s still not the wet season, your chances of experiencing them are quite high, so we advise either a raincoat or an umbrella for that.

And, don’t forget to take other items such as sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, and a backpack where you can hold all of your necessities as you tour the island.

Crowds in Bali in October

In Bali, October is an off-peak season month, so there won’t be as many tourists as you might in some other months.

You’ll also discover the island to be tranquil and populated by residents and ex-pats because you’ll be skipping the busiest holiday months like November and December.

Being the off-peak season month, October also provides the best chances to avoid the tourist crowds at the island’s most popular attractions, such as the temples, to spend the day resting on Bali’s tranquil beaches, and to locate some of the nicest hotels without spending a lot of money.

Prices in Bali in October

Bali is a cheap vacation spot, but it can also be as pricey and opulent as you wish.

Since October is the off-peak season in Bali, prices will often be lower than they are during peak season.

Be aware that practically every tourist site in Bali has an entrance fee, however, this is something you’ll immediately notice.

The largest price variation will likely be in accommodation, and famous destinations like Canggu, Kuta, and Ubud will generally cost a bit more.

You should be aware that transportation in Bali is quite reasonably priced, with taxis being the most expensive choice.

And finally – A trip to Bali!

Bali is the ideal holiday spot, and visiting in October is among the greatest times to do it.

So, pack everything you need and head to Bali, where you’ll want to keep going back!

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