Bali In July 2023: Things To Do, Weather & Temperature

What are the best things to do in Bali in July? What is the weather like in Bali in July? What are some tips for traveling to Bali in July?

When it comes to beauty, Bali is at its finest in July.

The sea is warm, the air is dry, and there are plenty of people surfing, snorkeling, and sunbathing on the beaches.

While it’s the ideal time to trek one of the volcanoes, see the many temples, and peruse the vibrant street markets, July is high season, so it may get busy and pricey.

However, it won’t let you down if you’re looking for a trip with fantastic weather and much to do.

If you’re a beach fan, this island is like the idyllic paradise you see in movies, except here you get to live it in real life.

Unlike many popular tourist locations, Bali enjoys a tropical climate throughout the year making Bali’s summer temps easier to visit the sites.

There are constantly festivals going on in Bali, and you can always find a place on your calendar for more of them in addition to the well-known ones like the Kite Festival, Arts Festival, and Sustainable Food Festival.

Bali is ideal to visit in July since there are so many fantastic things to do that are only available during the summer.

You don’t need to worry about whether July is a suitable time for you to visit Bali because this well-known location is a terrific choice all year round, and this month is also just right for doing so!

Get to know Bali

Bali’s reputation for beach life and backpacking precedes it as one of Indonesia’s most well-known travel destinations.

While the south is home to many stunning, yet crowded beaches and castaway bars, the north and east are home to tranquil fishing communities and untamed volcanoes, while the middle is home to a mixture of temples, rice terraces, and retreats.

There is much to be gained by deviating from Bali’s more traveled roads, especially when you consider the allure of adventure activities, water sports, and the opportunity to learn more about the island’s culture.

Bali has a plethora of adventures.

Although the pulsating center of Bali, bohemian Ubud, is worth a visit, there are other lesser-known jewels to see when you want to escape the crowds.

Sidemen, a more tranquil relative of Ubud, is overshadowed by the beautiful Mount Agung.

You can take a stroll amongst rice terraces, cool yourself in a waterfall pool, and observe rural life in action.

Bali has a strong attraction for those who want to venture out and discover magnificent scenery, so when you’re there, take some time to stop and breathe in the beauty that this island offers!

Places to visit and things to do in Bali in July

Balinese natural beauty never ceases to astound, whether it’s the mesmerizing panoramic vistas of rice terraces at Tegalalang or seeing Bali’s magnificent old temples with amazing architecture.

Because it has something to offer any visitor seeking a great holiday, Bali is a favorite among tourists.

Every tourist, from thrill seekers to spiritual yogis, is satisfied by it.

Choosing the best sights and experiences to have when visiting Bali might be challenging because the island is packed with activities and attractions.

However, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top attractions and activities to do in Bali in July, so keep reading to learn more about each of them!

Places to visit and things to do in Bali in July:


Ancient Bali temples with stunning centuries-old architecture are scattered throughout the highlands and coastlines.

These are excellent locations to see at least once during your trip to Bali in July because several have grown to be some of the island’s most recognizable monuments and each temple is distinct.

One of Bali’s most picture-perfect temples is Uluwatu Temple, whose cliff base is renowned among surfers as an unusual surf location.

The wider and more magnificent sea views are offered by this temple’s higher altitude.

Another is Bali’s central highlands’ Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, a gorgeous landmark temple.

The smooth reflecting surface of Beratan Lake surrounds the majority of the temple’s foundation, giving it a distinctive appearance of floating.

This temple is located on the western shore of Beratan Lake. Also, there is the Taman Ayun Temple.

The primary landmark of the Mengwi village in the Badung Regency is this 17th-century temple.

Inside the temple are a large tropical garden, water features including lotus and fish ponds, and well-kept courtyards and enclosures.


If you decide to travel to Ubud to see the Ubud Monkey Forest while you are in Bali in July, you can be sure that it was a wise choice.

On the whole island of Bali, Ubud has always been and still is one of the most significant cultural hubs.

Mandala Suci Wenara Wana, another name for the Ubud Monkey Forest, is no longer the vast forest next to a tiny village to the north of Denpasar.

It has evolved into one of Bali’s most popular tourist destinations, welcoming a large number of tourists from all over the world each month.

In this lush refuge, so many Balinese long-tailed monkeys live in their natural habitat.

The Monkey Forest is an extremely popular tourist location, especially during Bali’s summer season, which runs from July to October, so If you want to escape the crowds, go early in the day.


The Sekumpul Waterfall, commonly referred to as the Hidden Falls is a tourist destination to visit if you want to travel to Bali in July.

It is regarded as the greatest waterfall on the island.

About 80 meters down, on the valley floor, the magnificent twin falls plunge.

Due to the quick and powerful water drops that cover the entire region, deep forests, and breathtaking scenery, it is beyond compare beautifully.

Additionally, you must journey down a route to reach the fall, fulfilling your need to trek.

It is advised to visit the waterfall while wearing footwear that will help you walk the stairs without slipping because they are slick and there are quite a few of them.


Anyone visiting this beautiful island must view the rice fields in Bali.

If you’re thinking about visiting these breathtaking Indonesian greeneries, you will be in the right location because it won’t be easy for you to find the same experience of strolling through one anywhere else.

The rice terraces, surrounded by lush greenery, are a sight to see across the countryside, especially in the morning.

Rice is a staple in Bali and an important component of Balinese culture.

Since the irrigation system is used by the entire community to maintain the health of the farms, it has been in existence for millennia.

The well-known and interesting rice terraces of Tegallalang, Jatiluwih, and Belimbing are worth seeing.

The ideal time to visit the rice fields in Bali is in July when they are completely green.

It is advisable to visit them early in the morning when the weather is cooler than in the afternoon or midday.


Mount Batur, also known as Gunung Batur, is an active volcano in Bali that occasionally erupts, and it is situated west of Mount Agung.

One of the finest things to do in Bali in July is to go hiking there, and it’s better to get to the summit before sunrise to get the best views.

Consider going to a nearby village where you may still see Mount Batur if you decide that the ascent is not for you.

The Kintamani village of Penelokan provides tourists with fantastic picture opportunities.

Hike with a trusted guide, pay attention to environmental safety measures, and take safeguards.

Postpone your climb if there’s a likelihood of activity or dangerous circumstances, and take in the peak from a safer distance.

Observe the laws and ordinances in your area.

Additionally, before going, review the travel warnings for natural disasters.

Campuhan Ridge trek, Lake Tamblingan trek, and the trek in West Bali National Park are some other outstanding hikes in Bali.


One of the greatest times to go scuba diving and snorkeling in Bali is in July.

Flippers, masks, and snorkel make for an ungainly sight when you’re walking backward, but as soon as you go into the warm water and start breathing, everything above the surface disappears for a brief time.

The east coast of Bali, between Amed and Padangbai, offers some excellent snorkeling over deeper waters, with a brilliant array of colorful sea life to discover.

However, there aren’t many spots where it’s feasible to snorkel from the beach in Bali.

The eastern coast of Bali is also a favorite among divers because there are several fascinating dive locations offshore.

If you’re looking for more diving opportunities than the island alone can provide, combine your vacation to Bali with a stay on the nearby island of Lombok.

Best beaches to visit in Bali in July

Bali boasts some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, and visiting this island rewards visitors with breathtaking beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see.

It is simple to understand why Bali’s renowned beaches are the stuff of workplace daydreams when you are by the seaside, taking in the sights and sounds of the breaking surf.

How busy or relaxed you desire your beach vacations to be will determine exactly where you hang your hammock.

So, keep reading to learn about some of the best beaches you should check out if you travel to Bali in July!

Best beaches to visit in Bali in July:


Kuta Beach is among the top beaches in Bali to visit in July.

The resorts, restaurants, and bars on this beach are well-known.

Kuta has frequent beach parties where you may experience Bali’s vibrant nightlife.

Younger groups are typically drawn to Kuta’s gatherings.

Mega drinks, dirt-cheap clubs, and music are the main attractions.

The locals frequently attend these events.

Kuta’s events feature karaoke and regional music, as well as after-house venues and street cuisine to enjoy after the celebrations are done.


The main way Seminyak Beach differentiates from Kuta and other southern adjacent beach resort areas is in the type of tourists it draws.

Bali became a popular tourist destination thanks to the enormous waves that brought stray surfers to these southwestern coasts.

Gold to black sand beaches border Seminyak’s coastline, which is enhanced by breathtaking sunsets.

One of Bali’s most popular beaches, Seminyak Beach is home to some of the island’s most lavish resorts as well as a selection of fantastic restaurants and shops.


This large stretch of soft white sand beach is well renowned for both its breathtaking landscape and for being the location of the morning markets where local fisherman sells their freshly caught seafood.

It should come as no surprise that, being the island’s seafood center, you’ll also find many beachside grills scattered throughout the shoreline, frying up the day’s catch for your leisurely munching as the sun sets.

If you’re looking for a romantic seafood meal, go to the bay before it gets dark.

If you prefer sunshine, locate a peaceful location in the shadow and take in the tranquil seas from dawn till night.


One of the most well-liked destinations to visit in July is Nusa Dua, which has four white-sand beaches in Bali.

The area is teeming with luxury and is well-known for its water sports including parasailing, snorkeling, jet-skiing, and diving.

One of the very few beaches in the world with a golf course for tourists and locals to use is Nusa Dua Beach.

This beach is open nonstop and entry is free.

If you intend to participate in this sport, pack a rash guard and snorkeling equipment because there are snorkeling trips available.


Sanur Beach, which is on the tranquil southeast coast, offers a more traditional vibe than Kuta or Seminyak. Additionally, families are drawn to this area by its white sand beaches and quiet, shallow seas.

Water sports, spas, street food markets, and beach walks are just a few of the many things to do on this beach.

You may also bike or walk around because everything is strategically placed in the few streets above the beach.

Additionally, there are charming guesthouses, family-friendly villas, and luxurious five-star accommodations that extend out onto the sand.


Amed isn’t your standard seaside scene with black beaches and towering volcanoes on the horizon, but it is an interesting one to view.

Amed, which is located on Bali’s northeastern coast, is renowned for its stunning sights, which are perfect for breathtaking vacation photos.

Additionally, if you enjoy diving or snorkeling, Amed is home to one of the island’s most vivid reefs, a coral garden that is equally well-liked and colorful.

A visit to the adjacent Tulamben to explore the submerged US Liberty Shipwreck, which is teeming with marine life and beauty, is frequently included in an underwater excursion at this location.

Events in Bali in July

Bali has a remarkable talent for catching you off guard with unexpected events, festivals, and celebrations, and you will be amazed by how many of them are situated in this month if you visit this island in July.

Here, we’ve compiled a calendar of Bali’s July celebrations and activities, so, keep reading to learn more about them! Events in Bali in July:

Tumpek Kandang

Two words combine to form Tumpek Kandang.

The Balinese term Kandang means cage, while Tumpek signifies peak.

Every 210 days, on the Saturday of Uye, the holiday is held.

This event is held to commemorate all animals, including pets, farm animals, and domestic animals.

The people of Bali pray to God for a fruitful year of farming, a plentiful crop, and superior quality products in addition to respecting the animals.

The fact that Tumpek Kandang is celebrated shows how conscious the Balinese are of animal welfare.

Bali Kite Festival

The Bali Kite Festival is a yearly celebration that occurs during the windiest months of the year, however, the exact dates sometimes change since they rely on the weather.

When the wind picks up, it begins, and when the wind dies down, it is over.

The event typically begins in July and runs through October, although July and August are when it is busiest because it is also one of Bali’s busiest travel months.

Sanur Beach, one of Bali’s most well-known beaches, is where Bali Kite Festival is held.

Bali Arts Festival

The annual Bali Arts Festival, which takes place in July and is hosted in Denpasar, is not only the largest cultural occasion in Bali but also one of the most important art festivals in all of Indonesia.

Through a range of performances, including traditional music and dance, theater shows, and displays of traditional crafts and artwork, the festival highlights the diversity and complexity of Balinese culture.

The festival attracts visitors from all around the world who want to take in the lively and colorful celebration of Balinese culture.

BHA Sustainable Food Festival

The second annual Bali Hotel Association Sustainable Food Festival features dozens of hotels and eateries from all across Bali.

To be clear, this BHA-sponsored festival aims to promote a more sustainable method of running restaurants and bars.

During the festival, participating restaurants are required to provide three sustainable meals for supper and two sustainable dishes for lunch.

Only Indonesian ingredients may be used in these recipes, which must also feature traditional fare and organically cultivated products.

Perang Pandan

The Aga tribe of Bali is the host of Perang Pandan.

It’s a tradition for males to fight each other to demonstrate their maturity and manhood.

The Usaba Sambah celebration, which lasts a month, is highlighted by this fighting between males, known as makare-kare.

After the traditional drinking of the palm wines in specially crafted banana-leaf cups, while someone stands in as the referee, the particular ceremonial fighting begins.

The dueling arena is particularly constructed for the occasion, and the village homes are exquisitely adorned.

Weather & Temperature in Bali in July

Due to Bali’s proximity to the equator, it experiences tropical weather.

This Indonesian island does have a distinct rainy season brought on by the western monsoon, although the maximum temperatures remain rather constant throughout the year.

Since the dry season runs from late October to early April, July is included.

The average temperature in Bali during fJuly is from around 22°C to 31°C.

Even though it’s the dry season, Bali does get some rain in July, but the precipitation is mostly restricted to lightning-spurred thunderstorms or brief afternoon showers, which can be a pleasant break from the heat.

Bali experiences 60 to 80 mm of rain per month on average throughout the summer, with most of it falling in the early morning or late afternoon.

Although the number of rainy days might vary, tourists should plan to spend about 8 to 10 days each month outside.

You’ll experience milder temperatures and more rain if you visit Bali’s central region, which is characterized by tall mountains.

The climate becomes warmer and dryer the farther you go from the mountains, with the shore being the hottest place to be.

The sea has a pleasant temperature for swimming in July, despite the extreme humidity.

Bali is an excellent place to go swimming, snorkeling, and surfing since the sea temperature there in the warmer months, like July, normally fluctuates from 28°C to 30°C.

Bali’s beaches, including Kuta, Seminyak, and Sanur, have warm, clear seas that are ideal for taking in the island’s natural beauty and marine life.

However, before going for a swim, it’s always a good idea to check the local predictions because sea temperatures might vary depending on location and weather.

Tips for visiting Bali in July

Before embarking on your journey to this paradise in Indonesia, there are undoubtedly a few things you should be aware of.

We will thus provide you with a list of some insightful tips to aid in your vacation preparation.

So, keep reading to be prepared!

Tips for visiting Bali in July:

What to wear in Bali in July

With ten hours of sunshine per day, July is one of the sunniest months in Bali.

Therefore, it is essential to pack light, cool, and quick-drying clothing that covers your skin if you want to protect yourself from sunlight.

In general, sandals and cool, breathable footwear are advised, and If you want to go on volcanoes or in the rice terraces, carry a pair of sturdy, comfortable trainers or light hiking boots to support your feet and ankles.

You should also pack some essentials from home, such as beauty products, sunscreen, and deodorant, as such might be difficult to purchase in Bali.

And additionally, especially in rural locations, it may be necessary to use insect repellent at night.

Bali is a rather traditional island despite being a tropical one, and this mostly relates to places of worship where it is customary to cover one’s shoulders and perhaps one’s knees.

Therefore, when visiting temples and other holy sites in Bali, it is advised to wear clothing that covers your knees and shoulders.

Crowds in Bali in July

In addition to August, July is the busiest month in Bali throughout the summer, so it is understandable why so many visitors come to experience the tropics.

As a result, last-minute hotel and resort bookings will be challenging at this time of year, making deals at these establishments difficult to come by.

So, make sure to make your reservations as soon as possible if you don’t mind paying full price, otherwise, you might not be able to reserve the hotel of your choice.

The busiest areas in Bali in July include Kuta, Sanur, Seminyak, and Ubud.

It is therefore essential to start planning your trip and make your reservations as soon as you can.

At this time of the year, transportation times are longer than usual, especially in south Bali, and it can be challenging to find lodging or a private experienced driver in this area.

Prices in Bali in July

Bali experiences its busiest month of the year in July, thus rates are often higher.

During the busiest time of year, it’s critical to reserve lodging and transportation in advance to prevent any last-minute shocks.

You can discover a ton of possibilities, though, to meet your travel style and budget with a little bit of study and careful preparation.

Your best chance if you’re trying to find an inexpensive place to stay in Bali is to seek guest homes or low-cost hotels.

One of the priciest places to stay in Bali is the South, whereas Central or North Bali often has lower rates.

Although the cost of food in Bali is typically reasonable, street food is your best bet if you’re on a tight budget.

If you’re concerned about the price of transportation, renting a scooter or motorcycle is one of the most well-liked and cost-effective methods to go across Bali.

If you feel comfortable behind the wheel and want to tour the island at your leisure, this is a great alternative.

Transportation in Bali in July

Scooters, taxis, and drivers are your greatest options for transportation if you’re trying to figure out how to travel around Bali.

Renting a motorcycle, a vehicle, or a driver allows you to easily and hassle-free tour any part of Bali.

With such modes of transportation, destinations that would have taken hours to visit are simpler and accessible much more quickly.

This is the least expensive and most advantageous course of action if you feel confident operating a scooter.

However, bear in mind that you should exercise caution since during the busiest months, like July, the streets will be clogged with motorbikes, vehicles, and tour buses, making it challenging to ride.

If you are not prepared and make early reservations, it may occasionally be difficult to get online taxis or drivers during peak season. 

And finally – A trip to Bali!

You don’t need to wonder why you should visit Bali in July when there are so many good reasons to do so.

You will be astounded whether you visit the stunning beaches and gorgeous temples or the warm people and relaxing atmosphere of the island.

So, pack your bags and travel to this tropical island this summer!

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