Authentic Publicity: How To Get Your Message Heard

Do you have a message you want to share with the world? Do you find the PR industry a little intimidating? Would you like to know the secret to getting your message out into the world? If yes….then you have come to the right place.

About 18 months ago I decided to put some work in to my own blog all in an attempt to build a bigger audience.  To be brutally honest the whole process confused, drained and demotivated me. For me personally, the whole process felt unauthentic and fake. I was seriously thinking about quitting the blogging business.

Then just at the right time, when I needed it the most [funny how life works that way], one of my all time favourite authors Gabby Bernstein released an online course called “God is my Publicist”. [update: sadly course is no longer available]

The voice within me knew instantly that I had to enrol. Now, unlike most purchases where I would normally sit on it over a few days before hitting the ‘pay’ button, I didn’t wait. I went straight in and hit that ‘pay now’ button. I have to say that the course was worth every cent. The three sessions with Gabby opened up my mind and heart and allowed the creative entrepreneur within me to flow and flourish. Today I am going to share with you the top things that I learnt from this course.

1. Serve others first

Drop your ego and any need that you have for success, money or fame. These should not be the reason that you are starting up your business or blog. Your focus point must be on serving others. Ask yourself does my idea make others feel good or serve in some way? You must sincerely want to help others or offer a service that improves the life of others. So….before you hit publish on your next blog post, take some time to send out some positive intent and ask the universe to let the message serve the people who need it. After the post is published don’t obsess over the stats, social media likes or comments. Stay focused on the authenticity of your message and serving others. The only thing you should want for, is that the message reaches those people who need it most.

2. It must be your truth

Never do something because you think it will make you successful. Drop the care-factor about any status quo and instead focus on “Do I truly believe in this?” Ask yourself “could I do this forever even if I never got paid?” If the answer is yes – then you know you have found your passion and therefore your purpose.

3. Release your message

There is such a thing as trying to hard and being too desperate. Don’t stress and struggle with trying to find people to read or receive your message. Simply put it out with good intent and let it weave its own way. You don’t own the message, the universe used you as a vessel, so stop the struggle and release the need for people to find it. Know that the universe will find the seekers. Don’t use any quick fix scams to promote your products – it is simply enough to back up your work with a whole load of positive intent. Believe that those who need your message will find and receive your message. Never forget…. it is always better to have 100 geniune fans than to have 20 000 people who don’t really care what you have to say. So loosen your grip and trust that the right people will come to you. The more you believe the more you will receive.

4. You have an obligation to share your message

If you have an empowering message to share, it is your responsibility to share it with the world. The universe wants to use you as a vessel, go with it, fearlessley share your voice, in a powerful and inspiring way.

5. Find meaning in the message that you are sharing. Discover and get clear about these 5 things

  • Clarity: If you are unclear about your message, your audience will be unclear. The more clear you are about your message then the more clear your message will be to others. When you have a clear intention you become powerful and in control.
  • Know who exactly your audience is: Are they men or women, what age are they, what are they seeking, where do they search for their information, how do they feel, what are their goals?
  • Where does your audience find their media?: Is it Television, Weekend Paper, Forums, Blogs, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Madison, Elle, Cosmopolitian, Cleo, Health and Well-being. You need to go to their source so that they can find you.
  • Know your business goals: How will you make money? What is the purpose of the business? Are you after a larger audience that buys products at a lower price point or a smaller audience that buys more expensive products?
  • Ask yourself how does my brand serve: Does it give inspiration, give hope, make people feel good, give people confidence. Or is it a product that is ethical and non-toxic etc.

6. Create a desire statement

Write something that you want. This is your business mantra. For example it could be ” I want a feature article in Elle Magazine about the importance of De-cluttering” Hang this mantra somewhere you can see it regularly, write it in your diary and calender, hang it on your vision board. This is the positive ammo that will back up your work and purpose.

7. Crafting a loving pitch or story

To help get your message heard and shared you need to tell an impactful story. There is a story in every tweet/facebook status/photo. Speak from your heart, for you will be heard when you speak your truth. People just want you to be honest and real…tell your story from an authentic place.

Design a pitch that you will place in your about page, facebook page and send off to media resources. Here are some tips on what should be included in an authentic and moving pitch.

  • Identify the background of message/brand/you: What is the story. How are you involved in the story. How are you personally touched by the story. Connect yourself to the story and to whatever it is your trying to pitch or sell.
  • How do you serve: How does your work serve others. Can you teach people from an authentic place within yourself.
  • Share the miracles: Write out a testimonial/case study on how your work has served. Tell stories of how people have been moved by your work.
  • What is unique about your business: Give people a heartfelt connection and allow them to feel inspired. How is your business standing out from others. For example do you offer more free stuff or maybe you donate to a charity.
  • Visionary exercise: Get in the know. Close your eyes and imagine how people are using your message. How does it feel. Use that feeling to keep inspired. What images do you see – for example is there a woman reading your book in her bed? Are you speaking at a conference – and are your audience smiling and feeling content.? Take some time to marinate in your own thoughts, desires and feelings. Using the 5 topics that you need to get clear about [bullet point 5] choose the main element from each of the five topics and write a big paragraph. This then becomes your pitch and your companies mission statement.

8. Understand your audience and where you should be pitching

Intense clarity is the key to manifestation. Pick your hotspots instead of trying to be everywhere. When things are fun, they happen easily. Recongise what you love and what you are good at. Is it video, writing, pinning, facebook, tweeting etc. Here are just a few outlets for you to pitch to:

  • Television – You have youtube and traditional television. What does your audience watch? Is television going to help them? Do you like going on television? Get creative and create your own television program via youtube.
  • Print – Pitch with intention and clarity. Print media loves a trend story. Send out hundreds of releases, as you will get loads of knock backs, so don’t give up. If your persistent then you will find success.
  • Online content sharing – Start up a blog. Ask yourself where can you contribute as a guest author. Beliefnet,,,  There are endless options for you to guest post on a blog outside of yours.
  • Social media – Focus on one that you enjoy – for me I love Facebook (mind you G+ is fast up there). Share what you believe in, what inspires you and what uplifts you. There is a huge power behind positive messaging.

9. Get connected and feel it happening before it happens

Feel your success before it happens, this is the energy that gets the motion rolling. Feel and visualise it everyday.

10. Never give up

I have left the best till last – this is the most important step of all. When you feel as though you are failing or not doing as well as your fellow entrepreneurs, this is the time you need to gather all your strength and keep trudging forward. This is your own journey and there are no rules. It just is what it is. Work hard, try new things, get creative, never compare your journey to others, evolve, learn, take risks and most importantly just be YOU.God Is My Publicist: How To Manifest Media For Your Message