DIY Project Vintage Framed Pinboard

DIY Project Vintage Framed PinboardLooking for a DIY project to keep your inner creative occupied this weekend? This DIY vintage framed pinboard is not only wonderful for pinning all your notices and reminders, it also adds a luxe touch to your home office decor.

Visit your local thrift stores, weekend garage sales or search through online listings for a picture frame that has a decorative moulded pattern. I picked mine up at the local Salvation Army Store for $20  -great buy.

Now choose what colour you want to paint it. I opted for a black gloss as I am really digging the British Colonial Style at the moment. However a flat white tone looks beautiful also. Actually any colour will work.

For the pinning section I just used a cork board and then covered it in some fabric that I also sourced from the thrift store. You could do the same.  Or alternatively you may want to leave the cork plain or paint the cork in the same colour as the frame.

DIY Project Vintage Framed Pinboard

My $20 dollar frame purchased from local thrift store

Materials Needed For DIY Project:

  • Vintage frame with patterned moulding
  • Cork to fit the frame. Get it cut to size at the hardware store
  • Fabric [if you are wanting to cover like I did]
  • Water based sealer undercoat
  • Paint for top coat. I used a spray paint
  • Selleys Liquid Nails
  • Staple Gun
  • Framers tape or adhesive tape
  • 2 small screw eyes and hanging wire or cord.


  1. Accurately measure the area where the piece of glass originally fitted in the frame. This is where the pinboard will go. Get the cork cut to this size.
  2. Wipe the frame clean. Paint one coat of sealer undercoat and leave to dry for several hours. Paint two top coats, ensuring you give plenty of dry time between each coat.
  3. If you are covering the cork in fabric, make sure you iron the fabric first. Cut fabric to size of cork adding an extra 5cm on the outside edges for attaching to board. Now staple gun the fabric to the cork.
  4. Once frame is dry, turn it over so the backing is facing you. Apply a thin line of liquid nails along the edges of the cork and carefully slot into the frame. Remove any excess with a clean clothe.
  5. Once the frame is dry, use framers tape to seal the back of the board, covering the join between the cork and the frame.
  6. On the back mark out where you are going to attach the screw eyes – generally about one-third of the way down the frame is ideal. Screw in the screw eyes, then attach the wire or cord between them so you can hang the pinboard.
DIY Project Vintage Framed Pinboard

My frame is now painted and ready to put together

DIY Project Vintage Framed PinboardDIY Project Vintage Framed Pinboard


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DIY Project Vintage Framed PinboardDIY Project Vintage Framed Pinboard