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Are you curious as to what living a simple luxe life looks like? If so, take a moment to sit back and savour this resource which offers a clear definition and a peek into my own simple luxe life. As you are led along the path of my version of the Simple Luxe Life, keep in mind that your own curation will be authentically your own, based on your own tastes and beliefs, however the core principles will be the same. With step-by-step guidance, tips, inspiration and bonus materials like free ebooks, audio recordings and video messages, the simple luxe way of life is designed to be a saunter through life – it’s a place where you can come and rest your weary feminine soul and leave a little more uplifted than when you arrived.

I personally welcome you to my definition of the good life – which is a harmonious blend of luxury, simplicity and spirituality




Welcome to Simple Luxe LivingThe Simple Luxe Life Defined

We are the change makers and the role models for future generations to come. Our shopping and lifestyle choices can shape our planet – both environmentally and humanely. We can leave behind us a legacy of what it means to choose ‘higher living’ as a way of life.

It is about loving the the good life as much as the healthy and ethical life. It is about feeling glamourous and pampered, yet also being mindful to keep ourselves in check and grounded at all times. It is reflected in our

  • Food choices
  • Shopping choices
  • Word choices
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Thought choices and how we choose to perceive both our inner world and the outside world

Living the simple luxe life is about curating a life with mindfulness, savouring the everyday and  marinating in simple yet sacred daily rituals. It is about turning your life into a work of art – that is filled with love, passion and your own authenticity. To start your own journey on living your own Simple Luxe Life visit the free course [here]

Elements Of The Simple Luxe Life

The good life is about living in balance and not doing everything to excess. Below are the elements of what I personally believe to make up the good life or ‘The Simple Luxe Life”

  • Live More Zen: Serious students of Zen spend many years in rigorous training in monasteries. However, it is possible to take the important elements of Zen and apply them to our own everyday within the modern world.
  • Empower Your Mind: In todays chaotic world it can be extremely easy to become unbalanced and loose our sense of perspective. Just like you nourish your body with food, it is just as important to nourish your mind on a regular basis  with inspiration, meditation and knowledge.
  • Nourish Your Body: The body is a miracle machine, as it is constantly healing and renewing itself. Nourishing your body with good thoughts, healthy habits and nourishing food will keep it strong and energised.
  • Choose The Simple Life: Our minds and our lives are filled with so much clutter. Its not good for our well-being, finances or the planet. Choose to simplify your life by always opting for quality over quantity.
  • Live More Green: As temporary visitors to this planet it is our duty to ensure that we look after it. Times have changed, its no longer acceptable to say ‘someone else will save the planet’, things are going downhill fast and we all have an obligation to create positive change.
  • Contribution: A big part of living a life of substance is contributing to things outside yourself – whether it is volunteering within the community or running a campaign to raise awareness for animal poaching.
  • Create A Tranquil Sanctuary Or Home: Your home is a place where you retreat to renew and re-energise, therefore it should be created with mindfulness so that it uplifts you at all times.
  • Shop Ethically: As consumers we have an obligation to be fully knowledgable on ‘where are products come from’. More and more companies are stepping up their manufacturing processes and are choosing to be honest and  transparent about their policies. Our shopping choices are the perfect opportunity to vote with our wallets. Choose to support companies doing the right thing by our health, planet and the well-being of all beings.
  • Savour The Simple Pleasures: We don’t need to seek out extra-ordinary things and moments. Peace and contentment can be found in the everyday chores, routines, things and daily rituals. We need to jump off that train of always striving for something, and instead learn how to romance the ordinary. There is so much beauty to be found in the ordinary – you just have to open up your heart and eyes. The French know how to savour life – every inch of it – which is why I have created a section dedicated to French-Inspired living [Click Here].
  • Be Authentic: Don’t follow trends, instead, choose to invest your time, energy and money in things that you find authentically beautiful. Curate your own version of ‘luxe style’
  • Explore The World Around You: We are all explorers and born with an innate curiosity. Whether we are in our own backyards or sitting on a sun drenched beach on some exotic pacific paradise. What makes you wonder? What are you questioning? What’s new in your world?Choose to follow your curiosity and keep your eyes open to opportunities that come your way and you will be amazed at what you discover.
  • Live With Creativity: We are all born with a creative genius within us. Whether we are cooking, knitting, gardening, painting, writing and so forth – we are all connected to our own inner creative genius.

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