15 Chic Ways To Tie A Scarf

Beauty is not about prettiness. Beauty is not about fluttering around. Beauty is about character and colour.

Beautiful scarves are a timeless fashion accessory which embody the magic of Paris, elegance and luxury. There will be days when you need to rush out the door and can’t be bothered to think about accessorizing or putting yourself together.  I always keep an arrangement of colourful scarves in my closet  for exactly such days.  A scarf will add instant polish, it is a simple yet luxurious accessory.

Thanks to the Fashion Spot here are 15 ways to tie a scarf

15 ways to tie a scarf

1. The Half Bow

To tie the half-bow scarf, you should first loop the scarf around your neck and tie once– like the first step of tying your shoelaces. Then, take one side of the scarf and make a one loop, as if you were only tying one side of the bow on your shoes. Take the longer section of the scarf and wrap it in front and then behind the entire scarf, next to your neck. Fluff the loop afterwards to taste.

2. The Scarf Bow

Wrap the scarf around your neck and make sure both ends are even. Then, tie the scarf just as you would tie any bow. You need a longer scarf for this one.

3. The Braid Scarf

Although it looks complicated, this scarf style is easy to tie. Just double up the scarf and wrap it around your neck. Take one end and thread it through the loop, rotate the loop, and then thread through the other end.

4. The Scarf Rosette Belt

Wrap a longer scarf around your waist and then twist it until the scarf starts to curl around itself. Keep twisting and place the twisted sections around in a flower shape. Tuck in the ends.

5. The Layered Knot 

Start by putting the scarf around your neck so that the ends hang in back. Then wrap the ends around to the front and loosen the section of scarf around your neck. Tie the dangling ends together and then pull the loop around your neck in front of the knot.

6. The Simple Slip Knot

Double up your scarf and wrap it around the back of your neck. Then, slip both ends of the scarf into the loop.

7. The Half Bow Cinch

With the centre of the scarf on the front of your neck, wrap the ends around your neck and back to the front. Then tie the ends together and bring one end up in a loop like tying a “bunny ear” on your shoelaces. Tighten and fluff

8. The Knotted Loop

Take both ends of the scarf and tie them together. Then open the loop and put it around your neck. (This tying method works better with skinny scarves.)

9. The Muffler Scarf

Take one end of a wide scarf and place it on your shoulder. Take one corner from the other end and make a little knot on one shoulder. Leave the last corner free to give the triangle look.

10. The Knot Row

Wrap a thinner scarf around the back of your neck and start making ties. Leave a little space and make more ties. Adjust the scarf so that it looks straight.

11. The Slip Knot Ascot

Tie a regular slip knot and then take one end of the scarf and tuck it around and back into the loop.

12. The Double Knot

Take each end of the scarf and make a knot. Adjust each end so that they are even with equal lengths extending from the knots.

13 The Neck Rosette

Take a skinny scarf and wrap it around your neck. Start twisting the scarf until it curls and then start wrapping the scarf around itself. Tuck in the ends.

14. Fake Knot

Tie a loop at one end of your scarf and leave it loose. Slip the other end of the scarf into the loop and tighten it to taste.

15. Double Loop Wrap

Start with the middle of your scarf on the back of your neck. Loop the ends of the scarf around and back to the front. Tie the two ends together with a simple tie to make the second layer.

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